Why Choose Single-Acid Peels?
  • They don’t cause allergies
  • It’s easy to control the process and results of the procedures
  • They solve a wide range of dermatological problems
  • They provides long-term results.
Specialists choose our products to a accomplish difficult tasks, as AHA’s are capable of:
  • Controlling sebum production
  • Clearing plugged hair follicles (closed and open comedones)
  • Encouraging the healing of acne caused by staphylococci, propionibacterium or other anaerobic bacteria
  • Activating the free synthesis of collagen and stimulating the elimination of glucose bonded with collagen that has lost its properties
  • Improving elastin and hyaluronic acid properties located in the dermis
  • Regulates GAG synthesis
ODA provides:
  • Standardized treatment protocols that ensure easily controllable results
  • Top quality products developed by the team of biochemists and cosmetologists
  • Only the best, purest, and most effective ingredients in each product
  • 8 different concentrations of organic acids and single-acid peels, which you can easily use in combination with each other
  • Professional workshops of 3 levels, designed and led by specialists who will provide the perfect combination of practical and scientific knowledge
  • The ability to cooperate and exchange expertise and ideas in the product development process
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